Loca is an Australian Made activewear label manufactured on the Gold Coast. Created by us! Two sisters, Amy and Karlee Nurthen. With a background in Graphic Design, Videography and closing the chapter of Professional Ironwomen. We followed our hearts and Loca was born in November 2018.

Learning and growing as a sustainable Australian label. We are proud to create unique prints and offer eco-friendly activewear. Our ECO COLLECTION in made from recycled fabric regenerated from post consumer materials such as fishing nets, clothing and carpet. 

The start of something new.
We’ve taken time to reflect and dream of the ‘what if’. We are taking a super fun and exciting turn within Loca. While we will never lose who we are, we have grown and gained experience in so many aspects of manufacturing.
We want to bring you more than activewear. Landing Summer 2021.

Welcome To The Rarest